Victoria Beckham Tattoos And Meanings

Victoria Beckham is the epitome of sophistication. This Spice Girl turned fashion designer has made the world aware of her many talents, and is also very comfortable with telling the world about the love of her life. Husband David Beckham and her family is the muse behind each of her six tattoos, and here is the meanings of each one.


1. On one wrist she bears the fancy-looking initials, “D.B.” obviously for her husband, David Beckham who she wed in 1999.



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victoria beckham wrist tattoo

  2. Below the initials tattoo, there is a bit of Hebrew script that translates into, “Together, forever, eternally.” She got this done on their tenth anniversary. Very fitting of their undying love!


victoria beckham initials tattoo

  3. On Victoria Beckham's right wrist are two more tattoos! The first one: a set of Roman numerals that reads the date May 8th, 2006. This is the date that David Beckham surprised Victoria with a renewal of their wedding vows. Dawwh! Well, they decided it was so precious that they each got the date tattooed on their wrists.  

victoria beckham tattoos meanings

4. Underneath the Roman numerals is a phrase, inked in a similar font as the DB initials. This tattoo says, “De Integro” and it is in Latin. When translated, this means, “Again from the start.” This has to do with starting fresh, or creating a new life. This could possibly be a reference to when the family picked up and moved to America, when David signed a contract to play with the L.A. Galaxy. The family has since moved back to London, after he retired from soccer.  

victoria beckham latin tattoo

  5. Victoria Beckham’s star tattoos on her lower back are representative of each member of the family. The first two are of her and David, and the bottom three are their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Will she get another one to represent the newest addition to their family? Their daughter Harper is certainly adorable and worthy of a star, so we shall see!  

victoria beckham star tattoo

  6. Lastly, one of Victoria’s more popular tattoos is the Hebrew script that is written down the middle of her back, starting at the nape and going down the spine. This can be translated to say, “I am my love’s, and my love is mine, who browses among the lilies.” This is from the Song of Solomon, and Victoria shows this one off quite a bit. David has a matching tattoo , and he got it in Hebrew to honor his mother's family, who are Jewish.


Victoria certainly makes it clear that she loves her family, and we certainly love her! Go Posh! I mean... Victoria!



victoria beckham tattoo meaning

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