Taylor Swift Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before & After

This is another one of those conspiracy theories, but Taylor Swift may have had breast implants. These before and after plastic surgery pictures show a major change in her breast size. The right photo shows Taylor with an A cup and the left photo shows her with a large B cup. Of course she could be getting some help from Victoria Secret. So, it's really up for you to decide.

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Taylor Swift Before And After

It looks like Taylor Swift may be wearing a padded bra to boost her breast size. If she had breast implants, it was very subtle.

taylor swift cosmetic surgery

She's wearing no bra in the tan colored dress which makes her breast size overwhelmingly smaller. It doesn't seem like Taylor Swift to get plastic surgery, but anything is possible.

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

taylor swift breast implants

Taylor has a lot of cleavage in the after pictues and almost none in the before.

Taylor Swift Boob Job

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Taylor Swift Breast Implants

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