Rihanna Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

Rihanna nose job rumors are no longer just gossip, it's essentially fact. This singer is no stranger to plastic surgery, so why would it stop at a nose job? When she was first discovered by a talent agent at age 17, she had a bulbous nose - bigger tip. But, it's thinner and more refined looking now. This first before and after has a caption of, "10 plastic surgeons confirm: Rihanna Got A Nose Job."

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Rihanna Rhinoplasty

The lighting makes her nose look smaller in the after picture, so you have to examine it very closely. The nose job would have only consisted of tip work.

rihanna plastic surgery

This is the same before and after picture, but a surgeon drew in the lines where Rihanna's nose looks smaller.

rihanna nose job

rihanna before and after

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Rihanna Nose Job

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