Paris Hilton Boob Job Before And After Plastic Surgery

Is there any type of plastic surgery that Paris Hilton hasn't had? It's well known that she's had at least 1 boob job and possibly multiple. The fact is that miss Hilton will do whatever it takes to look absolutely perfect. We can see the now 32 year before and after her breast implants below. She used to be very flat chested with no more than an A bra size, but now is a solid C cup.

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paris hilton boob job

Say what you want about Paris Hilton, her boob job came out fantastic. The cosmetic surgery was substantial enough to make a dramatic difference, yet wasn't at all over the top.

paris hilton before and after

Paris Hilton used to have one of the worlds most extensive padded bra collections, but that's no longer necessary.

paris hilton breast implants

paris hilton boob job

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

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Paris Hilton Breast Implants

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