Miley Cyrus Tattoos And Meanings

Miley Cyrus has been in the news so much lately, and it seems like every time we see her she has a new tattoo with another meaning! Miley has twenty one tattoos (from the time I started writing this, that is... she may have a few more when I'm done... who knows!) and all of them are quite small and delicate. Let's start with the many hand tattoos, shall we? 1. One of Miley's many finger tattoos includes this one on her right middle finger. It says, "BAD" in red ink and is her own small tribute to Michael Jackson, who inspired her a whole lot. She has even said that she hopes her new album, Bangerz, will be as timeless as Michael Jackson's Bad. People are still listening to his album to this day, and she hopes that Bangerz will also be revelevant in the years to come.

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miley cyrus bad tattoo

  2. Miley Cyrus has a cross tattoo that is right next to the "BAD" tattoo on her right hand. Miley has frequently mentioned being Christian, and this is probably a showing of her faith. Let's not look to deep into it, shall we?   

Miley Cyrus Cross Tattoo

  3. Miley Cyrus's equal sign tattoo is also on her right hand and is a statement that she supports the LGBT community. After getting this tat, she posted a photo of it to Twitter and said that all love is equal. What a brave thing for someone with such a following to do!   

miley cyrus equal sign tattoo

  4. The heart tattoo, also on her right hand may be a bit of a mystery. It's such a simple symbol, yet she hasn't said much about her very first finger tattoo. It is a possibility that her parents also have heart tattoos on their hands, and maybe she got it to represent all of the love in her life.  

miley cyrus heart tattoo

  5. Another tattoo on her right hand is the word, "karma" in a super cool font. (I'm not a typography nerd, although I wish I was so I could tell you more about the font!) This could mean that Miley is showing an interest in Hinduism, or that she is simply a believer in karma. Since she also has a cross on the same hand, she seems to be very open minded about different religions. Go Miley!

miley cyrus karma tattoo

  6. This eyeball tattoo is an incredibly popular symbol that is used in many cultures, but since her other "karma" tattoo is a slight reference to Hinduism, we can do some research about it's meaning in Hindu. In Hindu culture, the eye is seen as very powerful and exerting lots of energy. It can also be seen as a way of reflecting the evil eye and therefore it may help to ward off any ill will, or protect against jealousy.   

miley cyrus eyeball tattoo

  7. Finally, this is Miley's last tiny right hand tattoo! The peace sign doesn't really have any hidden meaning that I know of... it's just very fitting with all of the other tattoos. Miley is a very open-minded person, and the peace sign could mean that she hopes for acceptance between different religions, the LGBT community, and Michael Jackson?! These are my guesses, folks. At first it may seem that Miley's hand tattoos are a mess of symbols, but there just may be a method to her madness.  

Miley Cyrus Peace Sign Tattoo

  8. Let's move on to another interesting extremity, shall we? Miley has the word "LOVE" tattooed inside of her ear, which could be a message that she is tuning out any negative things that people may say. Maybe she is only listening to what her loved ones have to say.  

miley cyrus tattoo meaning

  9. Now for a much larger and detailed tattoo; Miley's dreamcatcher tattoo is large, in charge, and beautifully detailed. This beauty rests on Miley's right ribcage. Rumors say that she is part Cherokee, and got this tattoo as a symbol of her pride, and to protect her four siblings. What a great sister!  

Miley Cyrus Dreamcatcher

  10. The anchor tattoo on Miley's right wrist was done by a great tattoo artist by the name of Fabio Satori. She got this done while on tour in Brazil. In reference to the tat, Fabio said, "Everyone had an idea in mind and references. She asked me something soft. I made two drawings and she chose one. Miley told her mother that she wanted something that refers to a safe port. Something that reminded her that she always has a safe place to return to. The significance of the design is one of hope and a reminder to always have your feet on the ground."  

miley cyrus anchor tattoo

  Here is a picture of Miley getting her anchor tattoo done by tattoo artist Fabio Satori!  

miley cyrus fabio satori

  11. Miley has a tattoo of a claw that was done by L.A. Ink's Kat Von D. Since she has a Cherokee background, this could potentially be a bear claw to represent strength. The placement, which is on her right bicep, only enforces that idea.  

Miley Cyrus Claw Tattoo

  12. The crossed arrows tattoo on the back of Miley's right elbow is a Native American symbol representing friendship.   

Miley Cyrus Crossed Arrows

  13. Another tattoo on Miley's arm are three words saying, "love never dies." These words are on the inside of her left arm in an elegant cursive font. When she got this done, her boyfriend/fiance at the time, Liam Hemsworth was at her side and he was more than likely the inspiration behind this ink.  

miley cyrus love never dies

  14. Miley has an Om symbol tattoo on her left wrist, which is a Hindu symbol for the universe. So far, we can tell that Miley is a Native American woman who loves her Christian faith as well as Hinduism, and symbols! Wowzers!  

Miley Cyrus Om Tattoo

  15. Miley's sugar skull tattoo is on her right foot, near her ankle and her ex Liam Hemsworth has the same tattoo in the same place. So, do you think matching or name tattoos are bad luck with couples? Ah well. At least it's super cute.  

miley cyrus sugar skull

  16. Miley has another tattoo on the inside of her left forearm, and also in a script similar to the "love never dies" tattoo. This tattoo is a quote by Theodore Roosevelt which says, "So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." Liam later got a tattoo to match hers, which was just one line that says, "If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly."   

Miley Cyrus Theodore Roosevelt

  17. & 18. There are two tattoos on Miley's right arm. The first one is of roman numerals, and what exactly they mea still remains a mystery. It doesn't really say anything that is obvious, since the numbers are all together without spaces. The numbers are 5, 1, 1, (or 2?), 10, 100, 1. These could be dates, or maybe something else! The one right underneath the roman numerals is a circular replica of Da Vinci's anatomical heart drawing, which was made around the time that rumors of her and Liam's split surfaced. Maybe she is wearing her heart on her sleeve? Maybe it's a broken heart? Either way. it's pretty cool.  

Miley Cyrus Roman Numeral

  19. Miley's very first tattoo is placed under Miley's left breast. The words say, "Just Breathe" and was meant as a tribute to three people in her life who died of lung cancer. Both of her grandfathers, and a girl named Vanessa died of the disease. She wanted to bring attention to something that many people take for granted; breathing.  

Miley Cyrus Tattoos Meanings

  20. & 21. This technically counts as two tattoos, even though they go together. Miley got the words "Rolling $tone" tattoed- one on the bottom of each foot. Miley is working on her first cover story for the magazine, and thought that it would be fitting to get the tattoo for the photo shoot!   

miley cyrus rolling stone

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