Kim Kardashian Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before & After

It's pretty clear that Kim Kardashian isn't opposed to plastic surgery - nor are any of the Kardashians. So, Kim getting a nose job wouldn't be at all surprising. These before and after pictures present a very strong case that the reality star did in fact get a nose job. The before picture shows her when she was much younger. She has a humped nose job and the tip looks more bulbous. But, Kim's nose is much slimmer and more symmetrical in the after picture.

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Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

It's true that Kim Kardashian has repeatedly denied getting any plastic surgery (other than Botox), but people still aren't buying it. Which side of the argument are you on?

Kim Kardashian Rhinoplasty

This photo makes it almost certain that she had plastic surgery. Her nose looks much thinner in the after picture.

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before And Afer

This before and after photo shows a more clear transformation of Kim Kardashian's nose.

kim kardashian nose job plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian Nose Job

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Kim Kardashian Nose Job

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