Kim Kardashian Botox

If you're a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan then you'll know that Kim Kardashian had Botox injections during one of the episodes. It ultimately made her look like a cartoon character of her self and she vowed to never get Botox again. But, There's been a lot of people who say she's had it since - DURING PREGNANCY! First, let's start with Kim after the first time she had Botox. This is her during a taping of her reality show getting the procedure done.

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That's just borderline creepy.

Kim Kardashian Facelift

This is mid-pregnancy when people said she got more Botox. Kim's rebuttal to the accusations was that her face was just getting fatter because of the pregnancy. What's your take on it?

kim kardashian face

Just look at how unatural her face looks.

kim kardashian with botox

Here's swelling and bruising that occures after the shots.

kim kardashian botox injections

Kim Kardashian Botox

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Kim Kardashian Botox

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