Amanda Bynes Nose Job Before After Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes somehow became obsessed with plastic surgery when she went off the deep end in 2013. These before and after pics show her nose job results which many think was totally unnecessary. During the drug ordeal, her parents went to court against Amanda to try and gain legal conservatorship to manage her affairs. They painted a nasty picture of her saying that she was always afraid of being video taped, suffered from major self-image issues, and would constantly talk about different types of plastic surgery she wanted to get. Also, they said that her doctor bills her piling up to from the the surgeries she had already gotten. This before and after picture shows Amanda before all of the drug and image problems and in 2013 after her nose job and crazy haircut.

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Here we can see Amanda Bynes around age 12 - 13 and in 2013. Quite the physical transformation wouldn't you say?

Amanda Bynes Nose Job

Here she is before and after the haircut. She initially buzzed the left side her head, but then buzzed it all. That's why she wears such odd looking wigs in court.

Amanda Bynes Before After

Okay, here she is in 2011 - pre plastic surgery - looking like her normal great self.

amanda bynes

And here's Amanda Bynes is in 2013 getting a little nutty. If you going though extreme emotional distress and aren't thinking clearly folks, don't get plastic surgery...

Amanda Bynes Cosmetic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

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Amanda Bynes Nose Job

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