Alyssa Milano Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before And After

For while, Alyssa Milano tried to hide the fact that she had gotten plastic surgery. But, she eventually came clean about getting breast implants. She explained that she felt uncomfortable with her small breast size and simply wanted to do something about it. After Alyssa's boob job, her bra size became a 34 C, but she was a still a small B cup before (which isn't that small). Luckily, she didn't go over the top with the breast implants, but she still went pretty far. Any bigger and her bust would be way too big for her frame.

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alyssa milano breast implants

This before and after actually shows Alyssa Milano after breast reduction (left - she had this surgery just a few years ago) and with her implants in (right). I guess she got all she needed out her implants after all.

alyssa milano plastic surgery

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Alyssa Milano Breast Implants

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