Alyson Hannigan Nose Job

  Some people think that Alyson Hannigan, famous band camp girl, had an almost undetectable nose job. Her rhinplasty, if she had one, was so subtle that you would never in a million years think she had one (if you didn't see her before). The lighting makes her nose look a lot bigger than it really is (right picture), so it's hard to compare it. But, there's still enough of a difference that you could make a case for it.    

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    Again, Alyson Hannigan's nose looks pretty big before and after the alleged nose job. This one goes in the unresolved pile... But, we do know for a fact that she had breast implants.    

alyson hannigan nose job

alyson hannigan rhinoplasty

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Alyson Hannigan Nose Job

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