Adrienne Bailon Nose Job

  It's debatable as to whether or not Adrienne Bailon had a nose job. If so, she had it before the Rob Kardashian relationship and Cheetah Girls cameo. We can see Adrienne here as a teenager with a pretty big nose. Granted, she still has a relatively larger nose now (in a good way though). If she had a rhinoplasty, it would have only been focused on tip work. She didn't have the bridge narrowed or anything like that.    

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    It's still really hard to tell because the tip looks pretty large in both pictures. It looks larger in the before pic, but that's just because the lighting makes it look makes it stand out more. We do know that she had breast implants for sure though.    

adrienne bailon rhinoplasty

adrienne bailon nose job

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Adrienne Bailon Nose Job

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