Adrianne Curry Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before After

Adrianne Curry had breast implants for a very specific reason. According to her, she had the plastic surgery to fix a disproportion in the size of each breast. Here's what she had to say about the asymmetry, "My left breast is a full B or a small C-cup, and my right breast is a full A-cup. My friends jokingly call me One Hang Low. I used to stuff wads of toilet paper in my bra to fill out the smaller side." This before and after picture shows her looking very proportionate before breast implants though...

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adrianne curry breast implants

adrianne curry plastic surgery

Do you think Adrianne Curry had the cosmetic surgery for the reasons she claims, or is it yet another Hollywood lie to make justify it?

adrianne curry cosmetic surgery

Regardless of whether or not Adrianne Curry had plastic surgery to fix an asymmetry, she looks great now!

adrianne curry before and after

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Adrianne Curry Breast Implants

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