Adriana Lima Breast Implants Before And After Plastic Surgery

Adriana Lima's breast implants look like they're a D cup, but the plastic surgery really only brought her breast size to a 34 B. Before the boob job, she was no more than an A cup though. Adriana Lima has had quite a bit of plastic surgery to look how she does, but the result was worth it.  Granted, she was stunning before any of the surgery, she's just "movie star" stunning now. This before and after picture shows Adriana Lima when she was a teenager as well as from the last couple years. You can decide if she looks better before breast implants (and all the other plastic surgery) or after.

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Adriana Lima Breast Implants

Adriana Lima Boob Job

adriana lima before and after

Also note how much plumper her lips are now. LIP INJECTIONS ALERT!

adriana lima plastic surgery

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Adriana Lima Breast Implants

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