Adele Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery

Let's face it, there's some really bad celebrity plastic surgery out there, but Adele's nose job is not in that category. Her before and after photos show an absolutely incredible transformation. Honestly, who ever her plastic surgeon was deserves a medal. The tip of her nose used to be bulbously and too big, but now it's narrow and flows perfectly with the bridge. The tip of the nose is a very procerious thing because the tiniest change can make a huge difference. It's very easy to mess up which would cause huge problems in the future. But Adele got the absolute perfect nose job for her face. It really catapulted her career and gave her the confidence boost she needed.

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The following are 4 more picture of Adele before and after plastic surgery.

adele before and after

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Adele Nose Job

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